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    Kanapkowa Rewolucja[edytuj kod]

    Mój fikcyjny mod Hearts of Iron 4

    Kraje[edytuj kod]

    United States of America


    सिंडीकलिस्ट रिपब्लिक ऑफ इंडिया


    English Bit[edytuj kod]

    It's just a bit tiring to translate and C&P it into here.

    Ideology[edytuj kod]

    People who influenced me[edytuj kod]

    Fanfiction[edytuj kod]

    1990 [edytuj kod]

    Countries[edytuj kod]
    Oceania[edytuj kod]
    Leaders[edytuj kod]

    💀 for died in office

    Parties[edytuj kod]
    Official[edytuj kod]
    Illegal[edytuj kod]
    Ideologies[edytuj kod]

    Big Brother Thought/Classical Ingsoc

    Ocean People's Party Collective Leadership

    Oceanian Inner Party Rule System


    Daniels S. S. Corbyn Thought/Neo-Ingsoc

    Plik:Sandwich.png Sandwich Revolution [edytuj kod]

    Countries[edytuj kod]

    Plik:Mladorossi Alt.png Социалистическое Царство России
    Plik:Savinkov.png Boris Savinkov

    Plik:Mladorossi Alt.png Alexander Lvovich Kazembek

    Imagination[edytuj kod]

    Sorta like fanfiction but this is seen through my imagination

    -8 Sequal Thingy[edytuj kod]


    Countries[edytuj kod]

    Reformed Democratic People's Republic of China

    Mushroom Lands [5]

    Surbrotsssskinkronkfunck [6] [7]
    State of Israel
    State of Palestine
    Independent Federal Republic of Triforcia

    Locations[edytuj kod]
    Characters[edytuj kod]
    Ideologies[edytuj kod]

    Peachian System


    Boo Thought


    Goombellaism\Mushroom Cincinnatusism


    Anti-Leech Action

    Sir Roberto Henry CMLXXXII Thought [46]

    Albertus Crifikle MM Thought [47]

    Angela Twins Thought

    Hospital Model

    Scarlea Thought


    Hagas III the Great Thought

    PvZ Thingy[edytuj kod]
    Characters[edytuj kod]
    My Rule[edytuj kod]

    Just me being the autocrat of New Zealand and doing goofy shit to be infamous.

    Relations[edytuj kod]

    Friends[edytuj kod]
    Frenemies[edytuj kod]
    Enemies[edytuj kod]

    Komentarze[edytuj kod]

    • DualPlay - witamy nowego (na szczęście jeszcze nie prowadzimy polityki banicji międzyjęzykowej). BTW, za co dostałeś zbanowany na angielskiej?
      • - Byłem niepełnoletni

    1. I guess
    2. I think so
    3. Though he claimed he was still Secretary-General until his death in 2003
    4. They have sympathies to Jared Briney
    5. throughout it's existence it has claimed to be a democracy
    6. It's pronounced Abrocontrokia
    7. The state has a strong influence from Yiddish culture and traditions
    8. She staunchly supports the status quo and poorly arguments against anybody who disagrees
    9. Can't remember his name
    10. Later gives herself the last name of Cincinnatus
    11. She constantly makes the white power symbol, called the "white mask power" symbol or "WMP" symbol for short, she also threaten of saying Boo was gay so her relationship with Plik:Angel.png Fitzpatrick isn't ruined, despite this, she is bisexual. Also the Arstotzka reference is she made the border control thing like Papers, Please, it is possible she is the youngest of the 4
    12. They will literally bomb a group of cars just so one car can get to a place quicker just for money. They also have a "arrest the homeless" policy, and to bugger-nothing to the extreme amount of violence in the country
    13. This is the name given by Goombella, this is due to the rest never giving a shit about the rest
    14. "the Nazbol" bit was added by Shygal, due to the her being red with a single white spot,she tried to add a hammer and sickle on them but it fails, is the only one that accepts this title
    15. Name given by Goombella, despite Shygal's want to change it to "Shyboo"
    16. Literally born during a coke-snorting session
    17. Created by Goombella to mock the shitty family traditions of having "shy" at the beginning of the name. Rejected by the parents
    18. Mentioned
    19. Mentioned
    20. Implied, but this mostly comes from WMN, who knows he could be some terrorist who doesn't like petty fights against someone due to there color of there mask
    21. Heavily revised. Brave New World was heavily changed by the government to the point it was changed to a manifesto for a better world and economy
    22. In a way it's not regency. The leaders whenever they where a crown have a number added on there name and it's in
    23. She said anybody who voted for her would get 50 children that (most of them) look like their 21
    24. According to Goombella money only works when it comes to hedonistic things, like sex, drugs, porn, sex slaves, etc... but when it comes to other things like food the price is rising more and more
    25. She views blacks are naturally ugly, uncivilized, and unhedonistic and inferior
    26. This due to there being zero protection for tourists in their country, even in the capital
    27. Not only are they white supremacists, they believe in the conservation of traditional clothing
    28. Kazakhstani-Mushrish relations improved during Tokayev's reign
    29. Chauvinist is the Mushroom version of Plik:LibtardSoc.png liberal, referring to a progressive that isn't free thinking and also a soygirl.
    30. Most want a "small" government (i.e. a government that doesn't tread on there hedonistic lives, while not caring about the survelliance
    31. They can't get a proper name for a movement
    32. They want to go back to the Peachian System
    33. A social movement before the series, basically think of it as early feminists but for erotic fetishists
    34. there are literally not black people. Which could mean they're apart or something worse
    35. There are seating, bed, and shower arrangements in the house that are protected by most of them
    36. she tries to protect foreign nations from the morally fucked-up migrants of her country
    37. In some instances when she becomes leader she nukes the entire country in a de-degeneration attempt
    38. This is due to the TrAsTiKa, symbolizing the 4 gods that interact with nature to keep the Earth rotating, which resembles the broken sun cross of the SS State of Burgundy
    39. He feels no emotions for the deaths of those he's sacrificed
    40. They just vote for the status quo, though they seem uninterested in the party's policies
    41. Sorta more like early 4chan
    42. Foreign channers attempted to radicalize the Mushroom /pol/tards for being too politically correct (by American standards) through the power of non-linguistic memes
    43. Non-sexual
    44. The Bull Moose Liberal Party was a party that Plik:Anti-Absolutism.png deabolutized the monarchy and was inspired by Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Progressive Party
    45. They have small knowledge on the nation of Russia just like their brain
    46. A pre-series influencial aristocrat
    47. Pre-series prime minister of Mushroom Kingdom, famous for his criticism of democracy
    48. They're a friend group who spent three days in medical school, which no longer exists or in use
    49. She is attracted to a few kids
    50. Hired the infamous Plastic Surgeon Kidnapper
    51. They raped her when Carbria was stuck
    52. She can't remember any of her family and begins having an incredibly strong emotional connection with Carbria and hates it when the other girl calls Boo "mommy". Seeing it as betrayal and emotionally breaks down
    53. By the time their daughter is 27 they already in their 70s
    54. She constantly was told she was ugly so created this false personality to please people
    55. Carbria and Frinia do help with Sunday School and try to appear interested in Quinia's new religious awakening
    56. The girls get sexual pleasure by a perverted child using them for sexual pleasure, I won't go through the details cause that'll be accidental CP
    57. Quinia during her youth listened to music, the genre the music usually was pedophilic pornocore, the largest genre of music in the country, during her teens she got into hurtcore until she was 16
    58. Carbria has sex with her 13-year-old granddaughter but after second time she is utterly disgusted by this and sees therapy and kills herself 2 weeks and 3 days later
    59. 2093 Universal Suffrage Act Ignoring terrorists
    60. A church that Quinia runs after converting to Christianity in the 1st timeline
    61. Ein Anführer, ein Meister, ein Gott, the official motto of the Kirche des Hirten
    62. He proposed a declaration stating the the qualities of divine rule;
      1. Respect and preservation of people's autonomy
      2. Empathy to the not amoral
      3. Benevolence
      4. Give every individual an equal oppurtunity to benefit us
    63. While he agreed his declaration was similar to the heavenly madate idea, he thought it was too vague, and ill-defined
    64. He talked about a society where people could businesses (which he called wealth-creating organizations, due to business not being an idea back than) and create wealth which he believed would end elitism, however he believed in economic intervention to protect people
    65. "I don't know or think, anyone can know if they currently exists"
    66. Most
    67. AKA: gender traitors
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